Forget headless e-commerce, the future is disembodied ecom

A bunch of Lego heads

Headless has been an important evolution in user experience over the last few years. It’s a natural progression of the continued specialization of different services. Having a great backend transactional management system that can be bolted onto any amazing front end experience has liberated brands to take advantage of a greater range of design experiences. […]

Transparent Merchant Feed Images for Google Shopping and Facebook Retargeting

Google Shopping images demand attention. The highly visual format drives up to 85% of search ad clicks. Getting the image right can be a big part of success. Consider using a transparent background. Google’s product image specification states: “Use a solid white or transparent background. These background colors ensure that your image works with a […]

Powerful Google Display Creative Ideas For Ecommerce Sales

Dynamic remarketing Display ads are an integral part of eCommerce promotion. If you are hearing about them for the first time then here is a small orientation for you, Dynamic Display ads are used in cases when your website has a large no. of products for sale. As you cannot create a remarketing ad for […]

Mirror Background Retargeting Ad

We made this spec ad for Teleflora to show an advanced HTML5 capability in Google Web Designer. This ad uses the feed image as both product and background image.

Dynamic display ad feed management with WakeupData

WakeupData is a fast-growing ecommerce feed management company specializing in building templates to translate ecommerce feeds to multiple channels. The company recently released an update that includes the attribute set for Display Ad optimization.

Bannersnack Vs Google Web Designer – A Detailed Comparison 2019

In 2016, Google discontinued Flash format ads that were used in animated display campaigns, Google announced that animated display banners will only be accepted in HTML 5 format. Much before this announcement, Google had already launched a beta version of an HTML 5 animation software called Google Web Designer in 2013. The software was not […]