WakeupData is a fast-growing ecommerce feed management company specializing in building templates to translate ecommerce feeds to multiple channels. The company recently released an update that includes the attribute set for Display Ad optimization.

The Display Ads Attributes are powerful but little known features hidden away in the Google Product Data feed specification that can allow you to take far more control over your retargeting ads. The three most useful attributes are for Titles, Recommendations, and Groupings.

display_ads_title -Titles optimized for display ads.

Often a Google Shopping optimized title is often relatively long and stuffed with keywords. The title can be up to 150 characters.  Google’s algorithm uses all the terms in the product title as a signal for keyword query relevance. 

In Google remarketing the keyword signal is not used. The algorithm matches products to users, not keywords. If you run default Google Shopping titles in remarketing the ads might look like this with a wall of text over the image:

The template will try to fit the long title and can be impossible to read. Ultimately resulting in fewer clicks.

This is where the attribute display_ads_title comes in handy. You can keep your keyword-rich titles for shopping and have a user-readable short title for display that won’t break your templates.

Note: Make sure you follow the editorial guidelines for display ad titles. You should stay away from all caps, exclamation marks, and promo copy.

display_ads_similar_id Specify recommended products to show alongside each other in the product grid.

This attribute will allow you to take control of what products show with other products. Google’s correlation engine is built to maximize clicks. However, that can keep a user in research mode. You might be far better off showing cross-sells to the user rather than similar products.

In the example below the ad is showing two cross-sells rather than other shoe models. This method can break people out of research mode and put them in buy mode, ultimately yielding a bigger AOV. Up to 10 items can be recommended for each product.

ads_grouping ads_labels – Tags that let you filter your catalog to specific products.

These attributes are very useful if you have ads that only apply to specific products. Examples would be promos for specific categories, lifestyle ads that fit only certain products, or anything that would or wouldn’t fit specific creative collections or campaigns. With these attributes, you can create a filter for the campaign to limit it to certain products.

For example, say you have a 20% off promo that only applies to socks. You can limit the campaign to only socks. No other products will populate in the dynamic template.

Using these attributes along with Google Web Designer templates makes the Google retargeting platform very powerful.