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Any Budget

It no longer takes big commitments to buy TV spots. CTV is bought on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. You can buy a little to test or scale it as far as it will go. 

Any business can afford to run CTV ads. Considering the focused targeting, reach, and attention share of CTV, can you afford not to?

Easy Creatives

We can help you quickly turn creative assets into compelling videos. Even if you only have product images. 

Standard 15 or 30 second spots can be quickly created with minimal development. You probably already have all the elements of the perfect video. Let us help you put it together with our exclusive tools.

Performance ROAS

Connected TV drives awareness that can be measured at all stages of the funnel, but not just awareness. Most of us watch with a device in our hands and use that device to get more context on things we’re interested in.

CTV is a performance marketing channel that drives immediate results. 

1 %
Lower Costs
1 %
Brand Awareness Lift
1 %
Increased Conversions

Iron Pulley is the only mid-market agency with a direct seat on both Amazon DSP and Microsoft DSP. Compete with the big dogs at only a fraction of the cost.

Iron Pulley is an Amazon and Microsoft CTV Partner

Get a direct pipeline to the best inventory at the lowest possible cost

  • Amazon’s free and premium Prime content. 
  • CTV ads to your site or Amazon listing
  • Amazon product search intent audiences
  • Amazon Streaming TV Studio – Powerful creative tools
Amazon content network
Prime video has ads
  • Exclusive access to Netflix
  • Roku devices + 860 CTV partners 
  • AI powered bidding 
  • Search intent and LinkedIn audience targeting
Microsoft CTV Partners

More customers at up to 47% less Cost Per Aquisition*

Why CTV is unmatched for new customer acquisition for advertisers of all sizes

Targeting: CTV is always matched to a logged-in household. The audience data is accurate, focused, and current. 98% of U.S. households have at least one CTV device. 

Iron Pulley builds custom targeting audiences based on in-market product purchase intent signals, demographics, web behavior, and content preferences, all with substantial brand safety guardrails. 

Creative: Video allows you to tell more of your story. New customers pay 20% more attention to CTV ads than traditional TV ads**. Hook users and get them deeper in your purchase funnel than other channels.

Iron Pulley will work with you to assemble assets you may already have into effective 15 or 30 second videos that convert. For product level videos get exclusive access to patent pending Waterbucket™ dynamic catalog creatives.

Placements: Show up where the audience is most likely to pay attention. Contextual targeting is a force multiplier for Audience targeting. 

We find the placements most likely to give the best performance and most likely to align with your customer. 

Measurement: Near real-time data on attention metrics and impacts. 

Integrated with Google Analytics 4 data to measure the direct and indirect ROAS of CTV spots. 

*Iron Pulley has the lowest overhead. There are no private equity partners or venture capital firms to pay. The combination of effective targeting, direct supply, and a flat org chart cuts CPA in half for Iron Pulley clients.

**Simulmedia found that advanced TV advertising generated a lift of 20% in brand awareness, compared to traditional TV advertising with 15% more purchase intent.

Get the power of a holding company agency without the overhead fees

More money to working media. No other agency has the programmatic resources/cost ratio of Iron Pulley. Iron Pulley’s lower overhead means more of your dollars are spent on media. 

Many agencies use a managed service platform or reseller that has up to a 60% markup on media that’s not transparent. We work in the platforms directly. Our costs are fully transparent and often in the single digits. 

We offer custom creative development including dynamic videos made from your merchant feed. 

Fully owned partnership seats on the two most powerful CTV platforms, Amazon and Microsoft – rare outside of the mega agencies. 

Direct access to your media buyer – we know that the more your media buyer understands your business the better they will be able to meet your goals.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We can make videos from your product images and copy. Sometimes we only have a product merchant feed to work with. 

If you have 15 or 30 second videos that’s great but many times they can be assembled from assets you’ve already used on your site or on social media.

Think of CTV as a force multiplier. It can add power to your current marketing stack. 

Some brands are find that they see results with a few thousand a month. There is virtually no upward limit to scale.

There are direct and indirect impacts from CTV. If you include a QR code and drive to an Amazon listing or webpage we measure those results directly. 

We also measure the lift in brand searches and calculate lift in conversion from the increase. 

For higher precision Media Mix Modeling is the most accurate way to measure. Most attribution platforms like Triple Whale and Northbeam don’t measure CTV.

CTV does not rely on cookies and is not at risk for cookie deprecation like many other advertising channels. 

With CTV the signal is based on the device and household. There are many ways to resolve that identity that makes targeting more effective in CTV than other channels.

Iron Pulley is a full service marketing agency and can manage your full marketing stack. 

However, we love to collaborate with other agencies and can integrate with the team to manage just CTV. 

CTV has evolved a lot in the last year. The biggest difference is the ability to micro-target niche audiences. 

Both Amazon and Microsoft are really just getting started in their measurement and targeting capabilities. It’s amazing the difference that’s happened in just the last 6 months.

Unlike linear TV, CTV can target down to the household level. You can target very specific interests, demographics, geos, and publishers to eliminate wasteful spend.

Most CTV agencies are held by large holding companies. The overhead is high so the rates are also high. 

Holding companies silo service, account management, and media buying in different teams. This can cause some friction because A. turnover is high so teams members change frequently, and B. teams aren’t always communicating so the account manager might not be in sync with the media buyer. 

Iron Pulley is a Midwest company based in Columbus, Ohio. There are now venture capital investors or parent companies. Your media buyer is your account manager and your primary contact. 

That means we get to know your business and your goals.

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