Performance Advertising

Get more out of
Google Shopping
  • AI Training for Killer Performance Max Campaigns
  • Standard Google Shopping with Keyword targeting
  • Expert Feed Management for large or complex feeds
  • Custom Creatives for Free Shopping Listings
  • HTML5 Remarketing
  • Transparent Pricing
PMax animation
Meta DPA product catalog
Prospecting and Retargeting with
Meta DPA
  • Waterbucket™ Enhanced Catalog Creative
  • Shops, Marketplace, and Feeds
  • Supercharge Advantage+ Campaigns 
  • Instagram, Facebook, and Audience Network
  • Product Level Video for Large Catalogs
  • Lifestyle/UGC images for Ads
  • Buy with Amazon
The Power of
Amazon CTV
  • Connected TV and Display with Amazon Audiences
  • Contextual Targeting for Top of Funnel ROAS
  • Dynamic Product Ads on and off Amazon 
  • Product Level Videos for Large Catalogs
  • First Party Data Activation
Amazon DSP for CTV on a retro looking TV set
AI Product Recommendation Martech
Custom Solutions
Martech Dev
  • Weather and power outage geo targeting
  • API integrations for BNPL ads 
  • AI Search – RAG, hybrid, and open web
  • AI Product Recommendations
  • Video and image Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
  • Custom Measurement Solutions for MTA or MMM
Clients we work with
Performance advertising for leading brands

AI Data Feed Optimization

Segmentation for PMAX

Contextual Targeting

Dynamic Creative with Waterbucket™

MMM or MTA Measurement

Learn about Waterbucket™

Show BNPL Prices in Facebook DPA Ads

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