Dynamic remarketing Display ads are an integral part of eCommerce promotion. If you are hearing about them for the first time then here is a small orientation for you, Dynamic Display ads are used in cases when your website has a large no. of products for sale. As you cannot create a remarketing ad for every product, you simply create a product feed that google uses to dynamically show you the products you viewed.
Generally, we have 2 options for creating these dynamic display ads, one is to create ads through Google’s responsive format and another by uploading fully customized HTML5 ads built with Google Web Designer.
In peak sales times like cyber Monday and black Friday, HTML5 ads can enhance the overall performance of your display campaign. Here are some possibilities to consider.

Countdown Timer

A simple timer can be shown on an ad to create urgency. Urgency creates Fear-of-Missing-Out which is a kind of anxiety that prompts us to act quickly.
This counter can be customized as per the offer period or important dates. We have seen such timers on Landing pages and promotional mailers but usage on display ads is very rare.

Product Zoom

All eCommerce sites have product zoom feature, when we hover mouse on the product image the image zooms to show us the product in detail. What if a user experiences the same on a display ad? It will be interactive right? It’s possible through javascript to make such ads. Generally product image size is small in display ads, in that case having a feature that a user is familiar with and shows product in more detail.

Product Grids

Why to show just one product in the ads, you can show multiple products in multiple ways. This way if a user has seen 10 products then your ad can show up to 6 different products at a time. These products include recommended and related products to the product a user viewed on your site.

Before & After

Many times to show the product application effectively we need to show the before and after a stage of product use. Let’s say you have a bed linen website and you want to show an image without and with the bedsheet on. This shows product application in real-time.