Animate CC vs Google Web Designer – Which one makes better HTML 5 ads?

Animate CC is the new avatar of Flash. As flash is no longer in use for web and mobile animation, animate CC gives the ability to produce ActionScript and HTML 5 animation from a single platform. Google launched the beta version of google web designer in 2016. Today in 2019, GWD is out of beta […]

Dynamic display ad feed management with WakeupData

WakeupData is a fast-growing ecommerce feed management company specializing in building templates to translate ecommerce feeds to multiple channels. The company recently released an update that includes the attribute set for Display Ad optimization.

Bannersnack Vs Google Web Designer – A Detailed Comparison 2019

In 2016, Google discontinued Flash format ads that were used in animated display campaigns, Google announced that animated display banners will only be accepted in HTML 5 format. Much before this announcement, Google had already launched a beta version of an HTML 5 animation software called Google Web Designer in 2013. The software was not […]

Example Google Dynamic Retargeting Ad – SodaStream Spec

We like to make ads. When we find brands we admire we make example ads (speculative or spec ads) to showcase our capabilities and to show that it is possible to make great looking ads that can run in Google Remarketing campaigns.

AdRoll Responds

The following response to the Iron Pulley Ecommerce Retargeting Companies review was originally posted by user dialtone, an employee of AdRoll, on the PPC reddit. I’ve reposted the thread here for visibility.