Is Profit On-Brand?

branding iron Burn

One of the weirdest things I hear from clients or peers. “That’s ok on the landing page but I don’t think it’s on brand for the ads.”

3 Ds of Analytics

The main purpose of web analytics is to increase the overlap of user expectation with user experience. That’s where conversion lives. I’ve found it helpful to break analytics down into three basic levels: 1. Diagnostics – Is this thing on? Is anything broken? Is it doing what we expect it to? 2. Directional – What […]

Getting the most out of Affirm Buy Now Pay Later

buy now pay later

Affirm has proven to be a simple integration for most ecommerce platforms, but some stores report lower than expected acceptance rates due to customer credit scores. This has spawned a subprime (more sensitively described as “non-prime”) industry for BNPL.

Creating HTML5 Display Ads using Greensock Platform

Marketers look for innovative ways to tell the story or communicate with the prospects on digital marketing channels. Display Advertising is one such channel that has witnessed innovation in both serving technology and creative technology. After the arrival of HTML5 back in 2008, the constant improvements and innovations led to a lot of robust javascript […]

HTML5 Display Ads Preview Tool by Iron Pulley

For one of our dear clients, we built hundreds of HTML5 Ads that displayed service locations, these ads were shown to prospects in respective locations. Such kind of personalization requires multiple files of ads, and the challenge we faced was ad testing. We needed an ad previewer that works fast and shows all the ads […]

Transparent Merchant Feed Images for Google Shopping and Facebook Retargeting

Google Shopping images demand attention. The highly visual format drives up to 85% of search ad clicks. Getting the image right can be a big part of success. Consider using a transparent background. Google’s product image specification states: “Use a solid white or transparent background. These background colors ensure that your image works with a […]

Powerful Google Display Creative Ideas For Ecommerce Sales

Dynamic remarketing Display ads are an integral part of eCommerce promotion. If you are hearing about them for the first time then here is a small orientation for you, Dynamic Display ads are used in cases when your website has a large no. of products for sale. As you cannot create a remarketing ad for […]