Iron Pulley is leading in power outage and severe weather advertising

A neighborhood that's lost power due to a severe storm.

The best in class marketing technology stack for outage advertising As power disruptions become more frequent and widespread across the United States, fueled by factors beyond just severe weather, Iron Pulley is leading the way with an innovative marketing stack designed to target consumers impacted by outages. While storms and natural disasters are a significant […]

Google’s PMax for Marketplaces – drive shopping traffic directly to retailers

PMax for Marketplaces text on image of a digital marketplace

Co-op advertising Google has been trying to figure out co-op advertising in Google Shopping for a long time. Co-op advertising is a marketing strategy where manufacturers share the costs of advertising with retailers who sell their products. This mutually beneficial strategy helps manufacturers increase brand visibility and drive sales, while retailers gain greater promotional support […]

Keyword targeting in CTV

An old television with a dictionary inside of it

Keyword Targeting in Connected TV Advertising and Other Performance Marketing Tactics For performance marketers, the precision and efficiency of keyword targeting is a core tactic. However, as advertisers increasingly look to diversify their media buying strategies due to competition, higher costs, or loss of signal from tracking changes, there’s an emergent frontier that’s ripe for […]

Machine Learning vs. Generative AI in Marketing

A robot with an awkward smile and possibly two thumbs

This is the fake it until you make it era for Marketing The integration of machine learning into marketing platforms isn’t new, with many of us first encountering it through Google’s enhanced CPC (ECPC). Google’s system was designed to automatically adjust bids by learning which audiences, times, and locations yielded better results for advertisers. Initially, […]

The Convergence of SEO and SEM. Merchant SEO for Google Retail Search

There are well-defined and distinct skill sets for paid ads and organic listings.  Years ago it was usually one person’s job to do both, but the disciplines and complexity have evolved and diverged. Most retailers have separate teams for paid and organic. It’s rare for agencies to handle both with equal skill. Now, Google’s free […]

Lifestyle Images Google Beta – Lifestyle in Discover, Gmail, and YouTube

YouTube Discover Gmail Lifestyle Beta

Google has just launched an open beta to leverage lifestyle images across “browsy” surfaces within Google. This is excellent Google inventory for driving top of funnel and mid-funnel brand awareness with interactions. To take advantage of these premium placements and inventory you’ll need to add a supplemental feed in your merchant center with the attributes […]

Facebook Ad Testing and the Rubber Duckie Problem

rubber duckie race as a metaphor for Meta ad testing

In a rubber duckie race there is usually a clear winner and a bunch that lag behind. But is there something special about the winning duck or is it just the variables of the stream?  The most recommended practice for ad testing in Meta is to have a campaign for test creatives and another campaign […]

Performance Max Rug Pull – What to do when performance drops

If you’ve been working with Google’s Performance Max campaigns (PMax) for any length of time you’ve probably experienced the rug pull. Campaigns will often do well at first in, but then something will change drastically. We’ve seen campaigns crater in spectacular ways, without significant changes to the campaign, account, competition, or market demand. PMax will […]