Creating HTML5 Display Ads using Greensock Platform

Marketers look for innovative ways to tell the story or communicate with the prospects on digital marketing channels. Display Advertising is one such channel that has witnessed innovation in both serving technology and creative technology. After the arrival of HTML5 back in 2008, the constant improvements and innovations led to a lot of robust javascript […]

HTML5 Display Ads Preview Tool by Iron Pulley

For one of our dear clients, we built hundreds of HTML5 Ads that displayed service locations, these ads were shown to prospects in respective locations. Such kind of personalization requires multiple files of ads, and the challenge we faced was ad testing. We needed an ad previewer that works fast and shows all the ads […]

Animate CC vs Google Web Designer – Which one makes better HTML 5 ads?

Animate CC is the new avatar of Flash. As flash is no longer in use for web and mobile animation, animate CC gives the ability to produce ActionScript and HTML 5 animation from a single platform. Google launched the beta version of google web designer in 2016. Today in 2019, GWD is out of beta […]