Facebook Ad Testing and the Rubber Duckie Problem

rubber duckie race as a metaphor for Meta ad testing

In a rubber duckie race there is usually a clear winner and a bunch that lag behind. But is there something special about the winning duck or is it just the variables of the stream?  The most recommended practice for ad testing in Meta is to have a campaign for test creatives and another campaign […]

3 Ds of Analytics

The main purpose of web analytics is to increase the overlap of user expectation with user experience. That’s where conversion lives. I’ve found it helpful to break analytics down into three basic levels: 1. Diagnostics – Is this thing on? Is anything broken? Is it doing what we expect it to? 2. Directional – What […]

AdRoll Responds

The following response to the Iron Pulley Ecommerce Retargeting Companies review was originally posted by user dialtone, an employee of AdRoll, on the PPC reddit. I’ve reposted the thread here for visibility.