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Iron Pulley offers the lowest e-commerce retargeting cost per acquisition at scale in the CBD industry. Guaranteed. Reach out to info@ironpulley.com for more details.

The big three, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are still not accepting banner ads for most CBD products but there is a growing list of rival ad networks that will. Google, Facebook, and Amazon will allow hemp product advertising as a workaround, and some retailers are finding success with hemp, but most customers are still looking for CBD. It’s difficult to build a brand or scale with hemp alone.

Retargeting ads are critical for CBD because CBD relies heavily on repeat business. New customer acquisition is expensive in the CBD space. Retargeting is an important tool for staying in front of your customers and staying top of mind.

Many CBD brands run frequent promotions to entice people to buy. Email and retargeting are the best ways to keep the promos in front of your core audience.

There are CBD advertiser networks out there that will pixel your site to find site visitors for retargeting or to build audiences for prospecting. Advertisers like Cybba, AdRoll, AdForm, Perfect Audience, Field Test, Choozle, and Brandzooka have built connections to alternative ad networks for both prospecting and retargeting display ads for CBD ecommerce.

CBD retargeting companies in 2020

Iron Pulley has worked with most of these companies. Each has strong points and weak points. It’s important to work with a trusted partner because the available audience pools for both CBD prospecting and retargeting are limited. With the wrong partner, as much as 80% of the media spend can go to the partner for partner services with very little left for media. In those cases, the return on ad spend is very low and partnerships are short-lived. Many of these companies are simply resellers of other ad networks with steep markups.

Iron Pulley starts with high-quality custom creative for CBD retargeting. We make creative that highlights your brand and your value proposition. Creative diversity is our cornerstone. The right creative mix builds trust and combats banner blindness.

As a leading CBD agency, we go beyond the creative and to get you the largest possible audience pool at the lowest cost. We have direct relationships with placements and publishers that convert. We will build your campaigns on the best platform for your business with eye-popping creatives that get great results.

Joy Organics CBD ad

Reach out to info@ironpulley.com to learn how we can help you find scale for CBD advertising at a profitable return on ad spend.